On March 7th, I took photos of a metal bird with the Mediterranean Spurge (Euphorbia characias subspecies wulfenii) blooming behind it. When I cropped the photo for this site, I spotted a large Anole sunning on the bird’s back! The metal band he or she is on is about one and a quarter inches wide, so the lizard is about five inches long. I’m waiting to hear from iNaturalist, but the AI there says this is either a Green or Brown Anole. (Update: he or she is a Green Anole).

The Spurge is not native but is one of my favorite plants. It produces gorgeous sci-fi bracts and flowers in the early winter through spring. While the blooms peak, new stalks emerge for next year. When the blooms are spent, I cut them down to reveal a foot or two of new growth.

Update: Another Green Anole!

Today, March 26th 2024, I checked the back of the bird to see if anyone was sunning there. Yes, indeed! I believe this is another individual because it looks smaller and has more white and gray markings near his or her eye.

Notice the other surprise in the original photos: the drops of water held in the Euphorbia’s bracts.