Cedar Waxwings

A flock of migrating cedar waxwings visited for a few hours, arriving shortly after a flock of American robins. They splashed and drank in the ponds and stream, especially just above the middle waterfall.

Cedar waxwing and American robins

Both species seemed to get along well together, a true relief given the state of the world. In fact, the two flocks attracted other birds too. Were they all flying together or did the presence of a hundred or more other birds let the local loners know they would be safe from the hawks for awhile?

I also saw woodpecker and a few dark-eyed juncos.

I’m so glad I ripped out the nandina shrubs so that the visitors didn’t eat any of the bright red, poisonous berries. They did enjoy the giant redtip photinia shrub that my neighbor has on the property line.