Indian Pink is one of my very favorite wildflowers. The vivid red flowers topped by yellow stars seem positively Seussian. They are thriving in their second year, with glossy leaves and loads of blooms. They pair well with Green and Gold and with Spiderwort.

  • Scientific name: Spigelia marilandica ‘Little Redhead’
  • Light: full sun to part shade
  • Moisture: average, but tolerates wet soil
  • Garden location: dry-stream bed at base of black trellis
  • Bloom period: May
  • Supports: hummingbirds
  • Propagation: division or seed
  • Source: JC Raulston Arboretum, Big Bloomers
  • Links: NCSU database
Cluster of Indian Pink at the foot of the black trellis on the dry-stream bank