We have record-breaking temperatures in the mid-nineties, with a heat dome blocking rain and giving us a chance of hitting 100 this week or next. Hello, climate catastrophe! I water new plants once a week and water the ones in pots more often. The plants and wildlife seem to be thriving. [I’ll finish this post tomorrow, but there is enough here to share now. The featured red monarda is in the backyard.]

Sun Curve

Plants with bold colors and strong form take this sunny quarter-circle into summer. A sweep of Bengal Tiger Cannas provides a vivid background for the bird statues and the pale, bristly Rattlesnake Master.

Sun Curve to the left, with non-natives Bengal Tiger Cannas and Mediterranean Spurge. Huskers Red Beard Tongue is done blooming.
Sun Curve to the right, with Rattlesnake Master, Mountain Mint, and possibly Wild Bergamot
Rattlesnake Master, one of my favorites!

Other Front Yard

The stalwart Black-Eyed Susan, Major Wheeler Honeysuckle, and Hot Lips Salvia keep on blooming. Notice how the salvia flowers can be all red, all white, or bi-colored. The first section of the Chinese Abelia is blooming now. In the woods, the hydrangea is in full bloom. The clump of Cast-Iron Plant needs trimming. Each plant sends up a new leaf every year, so I cut off the old weather-worn ones.