Today, Steve and Julie Fagan delivered this amazing frog bench. I’m beyond thrilled. I first saw one of Steve’s frog benches at the Sculpture in the Garden show at the North Carolina Botanical Garden last fall. I gave it my Best of Show award, but alas it was sold. Fortunately, I found the site for their business, Fagan Industry. Steve agreed to do a frog bench for me.

Julie and Steve Fagan sitting on the bench he made

Steve and Julie were a delight, very friendly and interested in the garden. I noticed the Hoppin’ John bumper sticker on their truck. Turns out Julie organizes the Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention in Pittsboro as well as organizing the Fagan Industry.

And look at the bench! It fits the viewing platform like they were designed at the same time. This will be a perfect perch for watching the frogs and dragonflies in the pond this summer.

Two leaping frogs. The cutouts appear green because of the evergreen shrubs behind the platform.
A water-lily flower floats between the frogs, with lily pads for the seat.
When I saw that the arm rests are supported by dragonflies and cattails, I knew this bench was perfect for the garden.

See Steve’s gallery to learn about his custom designs in wood, metal, or stained glass. If I ever have a project like that again, he’ll be the first person I contact.