Chipmunks are scampering everywhere. I saw one chase a baby Bunny away from her nest. Adorable! We’ve had unusually cool weather here, great for weeding and planting. Jessie was coming to help garden for two hours a week and now she is doing three. She’s made tremendous progress on Sun Curve and the Yucca Patch. I made my first trip to Rebecca’s Native Plants in Pittsboro and brought back over a dozen plants. All but the Pennsylvania Sedge are in the ground.

Sun Curve

I’m thrilled by how this section looks and moves this season. The Whirling Butterflies welcome people at the curb, backed up by “Verbena on a Stick” aka Verbena Bonariensis.

Wild Onions and Parsley in the Prairie

I’ve added two Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa), a Three-Nerved Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium dubium), four Parsley plants, and two Dill plants to Sun Curve. I moved the Dill to pots on the brick wall after the Rabbits ate them to the ground. The Dill has recovered nicely.

Other Front Yard

Jesse weeded have the Agave bed, which was full of Liriope and River Oats. I never should have let the River Oats keep their seed heads so long. They are taking over the front garden. It’s looking much better. The Hydrangeas are putting on a show, with both Oakleaf Hydrangeas performing well in their second spring here. Daylilies, Black-Eyed Susans, and ‘Major Wheeler ‘ Honeysuckle round out the display.

Bog and Water Feature

Lizard Tail is blooming for the first time, happy that it’s relocated itself to the sunnier lower pool. The Gardenia is in its second week of full bloom. Birds and Dragonflies have kept the Aphids in check, so the Gardenia leaves are glossy and green, not black with honeydew. The Bog Orchid is blooming despite the determined digging of Squirrels. The Pickerel Weed provides height in the lower pond, where I plopped it after half of the divided Lotus declined to put out leaves.

Most warm days, we have two Bullfrogs sunning in the pond. At night, we hear a rich chorus of Tree Frogs and Bullfrogs. Tadpoles enjoy the shallow, warm water along the pond edges.

Dry Stream Bank

The Indian Paintbrush is still putting out a few flowers after several weeks of heavy bloom. The Mint now stretches from its first home near the stone steps, across two dry streams, and over near the fence. The progression is nearly a straight line, but I will have to watch it so it doesn’t take over. The red Monarda is has dozens of large flowers that attract Hummingbirds and bees.